Wilma van Rees

Statement about my work (2005-2010)

Materials are an important part of the work I make, preferable natural materials because time can alter them and that shows in its skin. I like to work with materials that let the time be. I combine the natural changes in the materials and a forced patina, which is a transformation of the skin that shows their time-fashioned state.
At this moment I am researching the tractive power in my sculptures. By adding torsion within the object, the space around the object will be more present and is showing a bigger force and direction of the movement.
The process of time gives the object a second skin, and demonstrates the sculpture to be somewhere in the process between grasping and letting go, here or someplace else where it has been something sometime.  For me it is metaphorical for the Buddhist value of grasping, which deals with the suffering that is caused by this clamping or clinging tightly to what we have or want. Grasping is conditioned by craving. Renunciation (letting go) is the opposite as a quality that leads to freedom and genuine richness in all its simplicity.
The meaning of the impermanence which is inevitable, combined with the strength of the tractive power trying  to maintain is what I want to explore in my sculptures.
My photographic work also show a patina that touches a deep inner layer.  The non-perfect demonstrates the vulnerability and at the same time it has a robust indestructible impression. I am seeking a skin which displays this dualism in the coating of the object. I make photographs wherein you can see a moment of movement in time.

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