Käthe Kollwitz

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The first woman of my series of five medals is Käthe Kollwitz (1867 – 1945). She was an artist who has been inspiring me for more than 40 years. She was committed to the grieves in her lifetime, the human rights, the working class. Her work is about injustice, humanity, sorrow, death. She was very expressive in her visual language, as well in her sculptural work as in her graphic art. She was a professor at the Academy of Art in Berlin until she was expelled because her work was considered ‘entartet’. To me she is a strong woman with expressive and compassionate artwork which still seems very topical, considering what is happening in Europe these days.

Backside of the Medal: The Etching “Frau mit totem Kind” (1903) by Käthe Kollwitz, depicted in a relief.